Registration of Interest for Wholesale 

To access our wholesale catalogue and to place an order with us you will need to be registered as a business. If you are interested in any products in our range please fill in your details using the contact form below. 

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We import  the following brands directly from Japan. Please don't hesitate to ask if you are looking for something you don't see here.


Olympus Thread Mfg. Co.


Olympus Thread was established in 1908 and is based in Nagoya, specialising in yarn-dyed fabrics (sakizomemomen), traditional motif fabrics (takumi), shot cottons (tsumugi), sashiko, kogin, crochet and embroidery. These textiles are uniquely made in Japan, resisting the push towards mass-produced goods to celebrate textiles of fine quality and distinct character.




Nukumori Fabrics


“Tsumugu” is the NUKUMORI KOUBOU's original brand. Their specialty is “Made in Japan”. They propose arts & crafts go well with contemporary lifestyles. Their products are characterized by warm and nostalgic colors, unique textures, and simple designs that can be cherished for a long time.




Tulip Needles


Based in the Hiroshima region of Japan, Tulip Needles is part of a celebrated three-hundred year tradition of needle-making in the region. We stock their full-range including sashiko, beading, quilting, sewing, leather and milliners needles. These needles are renowned throughout Japan for their strength and flexibility, with Tulip Needles bearing a mark of quality assurance. 






Kobayashi Fabrics

Cotton Kobayashi Kobayashi Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in Senba, Osaka in 1963, and has been making products with a focus on designing and printing on cotton and cotton linen fabrics, which are natural materials. Kobayashi printed fabrics are very unique and are of exceptional quality. Kobayashi fabrics feature distinctive patterns and motif designs, making them an attractive feature for clothing, quilting, bags and household furnishings.





Inazuma Accessories


Inazuma Bag Handles based in Kyoto, has been in operation for three generations, a proudly family-based company it produces accessories in a wide variety of materials including rolls of bag tape, bag handles and straps, purse frames, buttons, zip-pulls and zippers.