Workshops, Swirls, Embroidery Threads

Workshops, Swirls, Embroidery Threads

1st Jul 2021

South of France Workshops

Patchwork club meetings were able to resume this spring in compliance with health policies. Our patchwork friends were eager to meet around their common passion. We visited Simiane La Rotonde then Cuers, two very welcoming groups with whom we share our love of Japanese textiles. Yves led the groups in sashiko embroidery and a boro inspired project. Thanks to all of you for your good spirit and kindness!

It would be a pleasure to organize this type of events again this year. Please contact us if you'd like a workshop organised at your location.

What's new in Bebe Bold shop ?

New sashiko kit 

Designed by Gabi from our Australian team, this original kit offers another way to stitch sashiko, with spirals of different sizes. The design is transferred with chaco paper provided in the kit, as are the needles, the sashiko thimble and the thread.

Available in red or navy blue Azumino-momen fabric, transfer the pattern to the fabric and rediscover the pleasure of sashiko embroidery.
Thanks to you Gabi we love it!

Garden Party Embroidery Threads and Kits 

Carefully selected 'The Garden Party' Embroidery Thread Collections have been inspired as if directly from nature. Each card has an assortment of 10 colours with a length of 2 metres per colour, 20 metres in total.
Another beautiful embroidery thread collection from Olympus Thread. 

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